Key calibration

Key calibration

We offer a comprehensive service for the legalisation of torque wrenches, including calibration, checking and the necessary adjustments. We carry out basic repairs to torque wrenches. We calibrate wrenches of various types and brands with a range of up to 1,100 Nm. Calibration is carried out on professional measuring instruments from the renowned German company Stahlwille, in line with the testing standard PN-EN ISO 6789 “Assembly tools for nuts and bolts”.

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Hand torque tools. Requirements for calibration and determination of measurement uncertainty.

When calibrating in the Intermeko Europe laboratory, you are assured that the appropriate test conditions are provided, such as:

  • the calibration device has a current certificate issued by the Central Office of Weights and Measures,
  • the calibration temperature is monitored and documented. The Intermeko Europe laboratory supervises and records the environmental conditions,
  • the correct tightening torque value (20%, 60% and 100% of the torque value).


By having your torque wrench calibrated in the Intermeko laboratory, you are assured that it is carried out by a specialist with the right qualifications and proven experience in testing, checking and calibration.

Remember, your time is important! By calibrating at Intermeko Europe, you benefit from the best logistics network of Inter Cars SA. All you have to do is deliver the wrench to the nearest Inter Cars branch in Poland and we will take care of checking the wrench as soon as possible. Sending the wrench via an Inter Cars SA branch is free of charge!

Conversation with an expert

Torque wrench calibration

Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski
Intermeko expert

Why did you introduce such a service?

The service launch on 2015 with an increasing number of inquiries as to how and where to calibrate new and used torque wrenches. Customers pointed out that when buying a new key, they only get confirmation of the key calibration by the manufacturer. This type of confirmation is not a calibration certificate. Knowing about the needs of our clients and meeting their expectations, we have implemented a new service. We have offered our customers calibration, complete supervision, documentation and compliance with the deadlines for the calibration of torque wrenches.

Why are these torque moments so important and why use the correct tightening torque instead of just tightening tight with a normal wrench?

In cars produced today, materials with different properties are used. The use of appropriate tightening torques in individual threaded connections prevents deformation and damage to screws, threads, surfaces and seals responsible for tightness. Each car manufacturer specifies in the repair manual the data for which connection, what tightening torque should be used. Only the fulfillment of such a requirement of the manufacturer guarantees correct repair and thus customer satisfaction. I believe that without torque wrenches it is impossible to professionally repair vehicles.

Why calibrate torque wrenches?

The point is that the wrench is no longer just a workshop tool, but has also become a precise measuring and control device. Like any tool, it is used in a variety of conditions, be it winter, summer, rain or snow, it must do the job. And as every tool is subject to the process of wear, it can fail, it can become out of balance, so it is very important to carry out periodic inspections, e.g. every year, to determine reliability. As part of the calibration, the customer receives a calibration certificate, confirming the correctness of the indications, which can be, for example, very useful in disputes with the customer.

How long does the workshop have to wait for the key to be calibrated?

Calibration orders have priority. This is our main advantage, for which we use the network of Inter Cars sales points. Unlike other companies, we do not use only parcel services. A customer interested in key calibration will deliver it to any of the branches of Inter Cars S.A. within the country. As a result, we are able to provide our customer with a key after calibration within 3-4 days.

What about keys that fail calibration?

In the event that the key does not meet the requirements, a repair estimate will be prepared and submitted for customer approval. After obtaining the customer’s consent to the repair, the key will be sent for repair. We have a wide range of replacement parts.

Can other measuring instruments be calibrated at the Intermeko Laboratory?

At present, we are expanding the offer of Intermeko Europe by calibrating calipers, position sensors and micrometers.

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